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A K21 está trazendo o Jeff Sutherland pela primeira vez ao Brasil.

Venha aprender a escalar Scrum com o escritor do best seller Scrum: A Arte de Fazer o Dobro do Trabalho na Metade do Tempo. Esse é um treinamento oficial certificado pela Scrum Inc.

Informações Gerais

Quando: 03 e 04/07
Carga horária: 16h – de 09h as 18h em cada dia
Local: Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana | Av. Atlântica, 1.020 – Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Valor: Finalizamos nosso Early Bird! Ainda temos uma faixa de promoção de R$: 3.690,00. Valor cheio de R$: 3.900,00
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Esse treinamento será ministrado em inglês.
Os participantes devem já conhecer Scrum para melhor aproveitamento.

Sobre o Trainer

Jeff Sutherland

“Scrum is an Agile method designed to add energy, focus, clarity, and transparency to project planning and implementation. While some say Scrum is not a silver bullet, it can be a heat-seeking missile to outmoded business practices.”

Jeff is the inventor and co-creator of Scrum. He is a West Point graduate, former fighter pilot, and cancer researcher, as well as, CTO of eleven different software companies. He launched the first Scrum team in 1993 and has shepherded its growth into almost every industry: finance, healthcare, higher education, and telecom. His most recent book is Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.

Sobre o Treinamento

Selo Certificação S@S

The Scrum@Scale framework, created by Scrum Inc. is the minimal extension of the core Scrum framework that allows you to scale any Scrum implementation tailored to the unique needs of  our business without introducing anti-Scrum patterns or unnecessary waste. Scrum@Scale is all about magnifying the highly adaptable core principles of the Scrum framework in your specific context to deliver value faster company wide.

One of the keys to Scrum’s success is that it allows for context-driven solutions and processes – this is why no two Scrum implementations can ever be identical. Scrum@Scale was developed for and supports the strategy for “Embracing Agile” as published in the Harvard Business Review. The article articulates the challenges in leading  agile companies to realize the full potential of the company’s teams. Scrum@Scale is a detailed solution to scaling problems for managers, coaches, and engineers that provides the deep understanding and flexibility needed for hyper-productive global teams.

Why Does Modularity Matter to Scaling?

1. Modularity allows versatility. Scrum has been successful in a wide variety of product and project contexts. It’s been used for everything from traditional software development to designing complex integrated defense systems. No single prescriptive approach could work in those different contexts. You need something that is modular to adapt to the specific strategic context of your business.

2. Scrum is inherently modular. For example, the Retrospective event described within the Scrum Guide doesn’t tell you exactlyhow you have to implement it, the guide just says that at the end of retro you need to have a plan for improving the team process, puts some bounds around how long that meeting should take, and gives guidance on the purpose for the event but leaves the actual implementation to the team. As a result, we’ve seen many different practices that are successful in their respective contexts.

3. Modularity supports incremental transformation. With a modular context all of the interconnections between the modules are defined ahead of time so it doesn’t matter what happens within them as long as it meets those constraints, it still satisfies the goal of the module. That means you don’t need to have an entire solution delivered in one “big bang” at the beginning of your scaling. It frees you to iteratively useScrum to incrementally develop the modules that are most important to you and after several iterations have a fully-fledged
scaled Scrum.

4. Modularity supports a pattern library. A library of what people have tried in the past, and in what context, is a powerful way to accelerate the speed with which you can try new scaling experiments. Ultimately, it allows you to crowd-source the development of scaling Scrum. As an agile community, we can quickly build and capture knowledge so that we can improve by borrowing patterns and practices that have been used by companies in a similar context, and then contribute learnings back to that library.

Sobre a Certificadora – Scrum Inc.

Certificadora Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc. the world’s leading authority on Scrum was founded by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum. We provide training, consulting, and counsel to individuals and companies across industries including energy, finance, and defense. We are thought leaders publishing books, scientific papers, case studies, blogs, and creating online educational content. Scrum Inc. has helped hundreds of companies fundamentally re-shape themselves to face a changing world, dramatically increase productivity, and drive profound growth. Jeff’s most recent book is crum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.


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